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Own a new Volvo for less than a used truck!

Welcome to Highway Sales, Inc.


We are a world class provider of new and used truck sales and leasing programs. Our programs are specifically designed for:

  • Owner-operators
  • Small and Medium Size Truck Fleets
  • Wholesalers
  • Dealers
  • Worldwide Sales

Always dreamed of becoming an owner-operator? With our great deals on trucks and flexible financing, you can become an owner-operator with confidence! All you have to do is pick your truck.



What's NEW at Highway Sales...


We have a great opportunity for you. A new truck lease-purchase program with great deals on exceptionally economical Volvo 630 tractors. These trucks are on the cutting edge with the most fuel-efficient specs available. After fuel savings, these trucks cost less to own than many used tractors. If you don't already have a truck, this is a great way to become an owner operator. Read more.

New Tractors Available!

New tractors available!


Used tractors available!

Check out our inventory of used tractors starting at $995/month

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